Visual Literacy

Business Card

Posted on: October 4, 2009


The mood that I tried to convey with my business card was simplistic, while still being visually appealing. To portray ‘vivid”, the photos I took were colorful,cheerful, and eye-catching. Although the image on the card is slightly faded,  it really pops on the white background. The plain text conveys a sense of seriousness. On a general scale, my business card portrays to possible employment opportunities my seriousness and dependability, while also indicating that I have a creative and fun side as well.


1 Response to "Business Card"

You definitely did a good job of portraying vividness in your business card. I get a vibrant and cheerful feeling when looking at it. I really like the way you edited the photograph, and how you left the card blank so the colors really pop out.

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