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Posted on: October 18, 2009

A Family Remembers the Death of a Bulimic Teen

The documentary was shot and edited by Megan Rossman. It recounts the story of Sarah Siskin, who fought a seven-year battle with bulimia. She died April 29, 2003. On the sixth anniversary of her death, parents Alan and Barbara and sister Leah all remember Sarah in the hopes that sharing her story will help others suffering from eating disorders.

As the documentary is primarily an interview with Sarah’s family, Rossman mostly uses medium and medium close-up shots. During the interview, the family is telling the audience intimate stories about the daughter and sister that was lost, so it makes sense that the videographer would choose close, intimate shots. There is one wide shot when the family visits Sarah’s grave, which was most likely used to establish the setting.


2 Responses to "Documentary Post"

Hi Anna,
The bulimic girl’s story sounds really sad. It must have been very hard for her, and especially for her family who I imagine are still suffering her death. It is a very good idea of Sarah’s family to share her story and create awareness of how serious and deadly eating disorders are.
The documentary I chose was also kind of sad because it told the story of a family whose health insurance is about to expire, and they don’t have the money to renew it.

I really am very confused about who I am commenting on these days but oh well…

My documentary also had to do with someone reflecting on mental disorders, but instead of a family member it was a psychotherapist and was therefore cold and objective instead of emotional. It’s very interesting to think about how different shots can create different emotion and mean different things, or intended to.

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